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5 Best Video Marketing Blogs to Follow Today

Do you work on video marketing campaigns? Think you could use some guidance on how to make videos, master video marketing and learn all things social but aren’t sure where to look for information?

These top video marketing blogs will help you create better video content, increase engagement, and improve profits.

Top Five Video Marketing Blogs You Should Follow Now

All of these blogs publish some general content. At the same time, you may find that some of them help you more with different aspects of video marketing. Depending upon your goals, you may have more interest in content tips, technical guides, ideas to reach a larger audience, or how to better monetize the audience that you already have. You don’t have to choose right now.

You can simply check out all five of these top video marketing blogs to see what they offer for yourself:

1. Animatron Blog

Obviously, we couldn’t set aside our own blog. Not only because we put a great amount of effort into covering seasonal marketing tips, ways to enhance video distribution, and video marketing tips for videos on various social sites.

Animatron blog is THE place to learn about all things video marketing, read experts tips on how to make your next video campaign a huge success, and ask for advice.

2. Wistia blog

Originally, Wistia is a marketing platform for companies that want to integrate video into their business. But Wistia is actually much more than that. These guys managed to turn something not particularly exciting – video hosting – into an amazing topic for conversation.

The Wistia blog posts are always very well thought out and provide some excellent examples and visuals, with the topics covering everything from the video marketing industry as a whole to advice about blogging. The guys at Wistia pay special attention to the topics on actual video production. Head over to their blog to learn what camera to use for making video in-house and how the lighting affects the way you look.

3. Vidyard blog

Vidyard provides a video marketing platform that allows you to create interactive, live, and personalized videos. Their blog focuses on plenty of in-depth topics that will help you think about new ways to create and use videos in your marketing campaigns. You can also find blog posts on internal communications, sales, and other related topics.

Our favourite part of the blog is the series called Chalk Talk. Speakers would write an outline of their talk on a chalkboard and then explain what this is all about. A great example of educational videos.

4. Vimeo blog

Turn to Vimeo when you want a platform to help you find, create, distribute, and even sell your videos. These are a couple of sections to look for on the Vimeo blog:

  • Some of the most productive and fun blog articles highlight the staff picks for the best videos to watch and an analysis of why they have been effective and engaging. You can find these in the Now Playing category.
  • Vimeo also has a Video School category with helpful instructions to help you find and use the tools that you need to take and edit your videos.

Both novice and experienced video marketing producers can find helpful information on the Vimeo blog. You should particularly enjoy this blog if you would like to produce videos as a product and not just a way to promote your company’s other services and products.

5. Tubularinsights

Tubular Insights offers marketing insights and analytics that can help companies grow an audience and improve video monetization. They also share many of their own insights with the public on the Tubular blog.

Recent topics have included video marketing trends, the importance of video insights, and examples of successful videos and video sponsorship campaigns. If you want to sponsor videos as an advertiser or get advertisers to sponsor your videos, you should regularly check the Tubular blog.

Every Video Marketer Needs a Little Help From Time to Time

You might not even have realized that you could find so many ways to use videos and so many tools to help you do it. Some companies use video marketing to promote their brand, products, and services. Other companies create videos to use as a product that they plan to sell on a per-view or subscription basis. No matter what you plan to do, you can always benefit from a bit of inspiration.


No matter what you do now, you’re bound to find new ways to engage an audience and monetize your work if you follow the blogs of industry leaders. If you don’t keep up, you may not even know that a better strategy exists than the one you have been relying upon. Find your muse or discover new ways to reach a wider audience by learning from some masters of video marketing. In time, you may even build upon what you’ve learned enough to contribute your own helpful solutions to an established blog or even to start your own!

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