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12 Best Vimeo Alternatives in 2023

best vimeo alternatives

Vimeo alternatives have popped up every year since the site was launched nearly 20 years ago. Over the years, the platform has gone from a platform like YouTube to a professional solution with video-on-demand options.

While Vimeo is a great solution for many users, the platform may lack some features that others want or need. We’re going to share some of the best Vimeo alternatives out there, including our top pick –

Vimeo Review: Key Facts And Features

Vimeo is a platform that seems to do it all. You have the option to:

  • Build a community
  • Host virtual events
  • Share messages
  • Create videos
  • Sell your videos

Vimeo wants to be the one platform that meets all of your needs. You can integrate it with today’s go-to solutions, including Meta, Asana, Constant Contact, HubSpot, TikTok, Figma, Shopify, WordPress and many others.

In total, there are 260+ million users in the Vimeo community, and you can start a free trial of the platform.

Pricing remains high for the best plan, and there are four main options:

  • Plus: $7/mo for 5GB/week streaming, video creation, player customization, privacy controls and unlimited screen and webcam recording.
  • Pro: $20/mo for 20GB/week streaming, everything in Plus, private team projects, review and approval and customizable showcase sites.
  • Business: $50/mo for unlimited, everything in Pro, custom branding in videos, player call-to-action, lead gen and Google analytics.
  • Premium: $75/mo for unlimited, everything in Business, unlimited webinars and live events, up to 100 webinar registrations for each event, browser production, multiple livestream options, polls, graphics, chats and webinar analytics.

Vimeo’s key features also include video embedding, monetization, video-on-demand hosting, live streaming, OTT streaming and private streaming. Multiple file types are supported, with the most popular being MP4. MOV, AVI, FLV and WMV file formats.

You can also set up video management teams and collaborate with your team inside of Vimeo.

Why You Should Look For Vimeo Alternatives

Why would people start abandoning this platform and begin searching for Vimeo competitors? There are a few reasons:

  1. Tech support and customer service are severely lacking and can take weeks to reply
  2. Vimeo never seems to live up to its potential
  3. When things break, it seems like Vimeo doesn’t have a way to fix them (e.g., pages disappear – sometimes for no reason)
  4. They have a habit of charging you even after canceling during the 30-day free trial
  5. Canceling even after the free trial is notoriously difficult

Vimeo is a platform that came out before YouTube, yet the platform has never been able to capitalize on being one of the first in the market. Why? They seem to fall behind the competition and don’t invest enough into what matters most, such as fixing customer service issues.

It’s easy to understand why people are searching for something similar to Vimeo but better.

12 Best Vimeo Alternatives in 2023

best vimeo alternative

1. is similar to Vimeo, but it is an online video platform that takes customer support and innovation seriously. Multiple tools are bundled into one neat package that allows you to do everything, including:

  • Create and record videos
  • Edit videos
  • Record or host videos
  • Stream

Users have the power to use advanced streaming features at their fingertips, including following an OBS-like experience in your browser. You can customize your video’s layout, add design features and place overlays to enhance your stream.

When you sign up for Wave, you’re given 1,000+ pre-designed templates that help you put together a professional stream or even an intro to your stream/channel.


  • Affordable monthly and annual pricing options
  • 200+ million stock assets allow you to rapidly make professional videos
  • Ad-free video hosting
  • Advanced video analytics and customizable player
  • Embed videos right into your website, email campaign or more


  • Free: $0/mo for a basic video editor, 15-minute max videos with a watermark, 2M asset and template stock library and thumbnail maker. Live stream on two channels and with up to six guests at a time. You can have one camera and screen share for guests.
  • Streamer: $16/mo for everything in the free version, short videos and GIFs up to 5 minutes and 1080p quality. Live stream on five channels and with up to 10 guests at a time. Pre-record streams, create video permissions and allow two cameras and three screen shares for each guest.
  • Creator: $24/mo for everything in the Streamer tier, plus videos up to 30 minutes, 200m assets and templates, image background removal, text-to-speech and stylish captions and subtitles.
  • Business: $48/mo for everything in the Creator tier, 120-minute max videos, auto caption and subtitles, and shared login. Advanced live streaming to 10 channels and for up to 12 guests for up to 12 hours is also available. Permission advancements are a major part of this tier.

Verdict remains the best alternative to Vimeo, and the introduction of new features continues to make the platform even better. You can rapidly create, edit, record, host and stream using Wave.

Add in Autocaption and advanced video editing, and you’ll be on your way to creating professional videos faster and more efficiently than ever before.


2. Wistia

Wistia aims to help you control your video marketing with the option to create and manage your video content, generate more leads and measure performance with in-depth data insights. Users can access Soapbox to record in their browser, then export their works to Wistia for more editing.

You can trim and edit your videos to prepare them for your final production.

Wistia Live makes it easy to create your own events and webinars. You can also host and market the event. Users can:

  • Create a custom video player
  • Use the video CMS
  • Host videos
  • Collaborate
  • Embed videos
  • Much more

Creator tools make it easy to password protect content, add custom CTAs and record for 5 – 60 minutes depending on the plan. With A/B testing and heatmaps, you can use viewer data to improve your next stream.


  • Advanced analytics to make your next stream better
  • Marketing automation on top tiers
  • Easy to begin using creator tools and edit productions
  • Video chapters make it easy for viewers to rapidly find content


  • Maximum video length of 60 minutes


  • Free: Custom player and controls, video chapters, no-code replacement, video recording, video duration of 5 minutes and the ability to trim videos are included.
  • Plus: $19/mo provides you with everything in the free tier, along with email integration, basic editing and lead capture forms.
  • Pro: $79/mo provides you with everything in the plus tier, along with video heatmaps, A/B testing and custom CTAs.
  • Advanced: $319/mo provides you with a lot more power, adding everything in the previous tier along with live streaming, unlimited channels and marketing integrations.
  • Premium: $??/mo is available after contacting the company and provides unlimited users, media and everything in the advanced tier.


Wistia is a Vimeo competitor with more robust features, but the platform is very expensive. The ability to manage your productions and integrate with social media, email and Zoom make Wistia a strong option for pro streams

dacast vimeo alternative

3. DaCast

DaCast is a professional streaming channel that allows you to broadcast, host and monetize streams with end-to-end live streaming. The platform has a free trial, so you can give it a try for yourself to see if you like it.

The platform uses top-tier CDNs to stream live events, 24/7 customer support, video-on-demand, OTT and an HTML5 video player.

Users can:

  • Live stream
  • Use 1080p HD broadcasts
  • Allow unlimited concurrent viewers
  • Leverage RTMP
  • Mobile or browser stream
  • Access advanced analytics
  • Simulcast
  • Bulk upload videos from Google Drive
  • Much more


  • Friendly and responsive support team
  • Availability in China
  • Stable performance and access to high-end CDNs
  • Easy to monetize your broadcasts


  • Lacks encoding options


  • Free: 14-day trial
  • Starter: $39/mo allows you to stream 2.4 TB per year and store 500 GB of files. You gain access to the features listed above, along with country restrictions, 24/7 support and VOD.
  • Event: $63/mo expands your streaming to 6 TB upfront with 250 GB of storage. You also unlock China Live, live countdown, paywall, multiple advertising options, CDNs, live stream monitoring and more.
  • Scale: $165/mo allows for 24 TB per year and 2000 GB storage. Users on this tier can have three team members, VOD chapter markers, AES, DRM, unlimited channels, phone support and more.
  • Custom: An option for large enterprises that is customized to their needs.


DaCast is available in China, making it a solution for events hosted in the country. Users who want something similar to Vimeo will find that the platform has a lot of advanced analytics and monetization options, but it would be nice to have encoding.


4. Cincopa

Cincopa is a video platform that offers brands an array of options for:

  • Video player customization, complete with branding and interactive elements
  • Marketing tools to help grow your business, like video SEO
  • Customizable video galleries and portals
  • Video asset management
  • Easy video embedding and CDN
  • Monetization and analytics
  • Live streaming and webinar features
  • Video hosting
  • OTT platform

Cincopa markets itself as a solution for content publishers, enterprises and online courses. It’s a feature-rich solution for anyone wanting to leverage all that video content has to offer. In fact, you could argue that Cincopa is even more feature-rich than Vimeo because it offers features like video hosting and management.


  • Robust solution for video hosting, management and publishing
  • Video SEO options for improved marketing
  • Multiple publishing options


  • Interface is a bit clunky


  • Plus: $25/mo for video, image and podcast hosting plus the ability to embed your digital assets.
  • Corporate: $99/mo for everything in the Plus plan as well as unlimited embedding, on-video features like CTAs and closed captioning, integration with marketing tools, SEO tools and access to screen recording through their Chrome Extension.
  • Advanced: $350/mo for everything in the Corporate plan plus unlimited traffic and hosting, multiple admins and users, unlimited integrations, high-level security features, analytics and OTT options.


Cincopa is a robust video platform that offers many features for creators of all types and levels. But if you’re just getting started, you may find that Cincopa is too complex and has too many features that you don’t need. There are better Vimeo alternatives with more user-friendly interfaces.


5. Panopto

Panopto markets itself as an easy way to record and share videos, and it shares many of the features that Vimeo offers, like:

  • Video capturing from multiple cameras, screens and presentations
  • The ability to search your video library
  • Easy sharing of your video content
  • Broadcast live and on-demand
  • Measure analytics to see what your audience finds most engaging

Panopto is easy to use and it also integrates with many of the platforms you’re already using, like Teams, Zoom, Webex and more. One of the more powerful features that goes overlooked is the ability to manage thousands of videos. Add user permissions, move content and be confident that user links will still work.

When recording classes and using an LMS, teachers can begin recording, hit stop and allow Panopto to upload the videos to the right course. In terms of workflow, the platform is a solution that is difficult to match because it works so well.


  • Easy interface
  • Precision search features
  • Livestream or offer video-on-demand
  • Analytics offers insight into your content


  • Limited video storage


  • Free: Allows you to create and share on-demand videos and includes 5 hours of video storage plus 100 hours of streaming per month.
  • Pro: $14.99/mo for everything in the free plan plus 50 hours of storage and unlimited streaming.
  • Enterprise: Contact sales for pricing. The Enterprise plan has unlimited storage and streaming.


For educational institutions and enterprises, Panopto is a viable alternative to Vimeo for your video needs. It’s an excellent choice for corporate communication, onboarding and lecture capturing. But for most other businesses and creators, Panopto doesn’t offer the customization and engagement features that other Vimeo alternatives offer.

Instead, the platform works best for educators because of its ability to take the tediousness of organization and make it a simple task.


6. Resi

Resi is a solution that many professionals use, and it allows for high-end streaming. Users can automatically upload and automate their pre-recorded and live streams, analyze real-time analytics, and even add closed captioning.

The platform is known for being highly reliable and offering crisp, clear streaming either online or site-to-site. Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP) is used to improve streams and has the power to deliver 100% content even through internet disruptions.

Live-stream analytics allow you to learn from your stream, see how many people watch and make adjustments to improve future engagement.

When you sign up for the platform, you will be required to go through an onboarding session. The session helps you learn how to use Resi more efficiently and breaks through the initial learning curve that most platforms have.


  • Reliable platform
  • Helpful customer reps and agents
  • Automates close captioning and subtitles
  • Ability to pre-record streams


  • No upfront pricing
  • SDI is set as the default stream


  • Must request a demo, which is customized to your needs


Resi is a professional platform that is designed specifically for churches, enterprises, education institutes, conference centers, sports and more. The platform offers live stream solutions, multisite streaming, and access to a content library.

Content libraries share, organize and store your content for your audience. You can also live stream, broadcast streams at multiple sites at once and even pre-record and schedule your next stream.

With the advanced onboarding from Resi, it is a high-performance platform that users across the world, especially churches, use as their streaming solution.


7. Kaltura

Kaltura aims to power “any video experience,” and the platform has a lot of tools to help you achieve your streaming goals. Users join 1,000+ major brands that leverage the following plans:

  • Virtual events
  • Webinars
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Video portal
  • Town halls
  • Media services
  • Video management console
  • Video messaging
  • Meetings

Each plan is separate and offers a wealth of its own features. For example, if you want to hold a virtual event, you can demo the platform with one of the company’s reps and access unique features, such as:

  • Real-time data analytics for events
  • Attendee and sponsorship options
  • Pre-set templates
  • Compare events at the end
  • 4K broadcasts and unlimited scaling

Performance on Kaltura is consistent, and the players do not crash, which is a major bonus. The interface is clean and sleek, and automated captioning is available. Support is lacking, which is concerning because people have been complaining about support-related concerns since at least 2016.

Recent updates have added more power to the platform, especially the ability to record from multiple cameras and switch at will. If you’re streaming a presentation, the option to switch from the lecture to a camera is very powerful.

Many educational institutes use Kaltura because it integrates neatly into the Blackboard learning management system. You don’t need to use any additional tools to use the LMS, which makes it easier for teachers to add videos and lectures.


  • Increase video speeds for faster viewing
  • Segment videos into chapters and topics
  • One-click screen capture and recording
  • Captions are automated
  • Integrates with third-party players


  • No pricing available without contact
  • Video loading often has problems
  • Desktop app is resource-intensive


SInce Kaltura offers many plan options, it can become overwhelming to understand their pricing. You’ll need to request a quote for each solution, and some do have a free trial option.


Kaltura is a solution that is narrowed down to specific niches. The narrowing is one of the drawbacks because you don’t get access to each plan’s features, although they do overlap quite a bit.

If the platform was more transparent about its pricing and what they offer for each plan, it might be higher on this list.

jw player

8. JW Player

JW Player is a platform designed for video-driven companies. If you want to stream at scale, you can rely on the power of JW Player. The ability to engage with audience members and monetize content is why 10,000+ companies trust this player.

You can stream 24/7 on the platform, use OTT, Web and CTV or monetize using TVOD, SVOD and AVOD.

The platform offers:

  • Broadcasting live
  • Instant live
  • Asset management
  • Video delivery
  • HTML5 player
  • Cloud hosting
  • OTT apps
  • Mobile SDKs
  • Real-time analytics
  • Custom reports
  • Article matching
  • Ad insertion and monetization tools

JW Player has a few quirks that people should be aware of before signing up for the platform.


  • Manages video content and keeps it organized
  • Wealth of analytics and insight data
  • Integrates neatly into a CMS
  • HTML5 format leverages the latest technology


  • High learning curve to get started
  • Price can be high (it’s custom) when hosting a lot of videos


JW Player offers a 30-day free trial on a commercial-free license. The free version is limited to 25GB of hosting and 75GB of streaming. Otherwise, you’ll have to contact the company and receive a custom quote.


JW Player is a good tool when you have a large media library that you need to keep organized. The ability to monetize streams and in-depth analytics will make it easier for large production companies to learn about their audience and improve ROI.

The HTML5 player works very well and has a clean interface. You can add the code to your site and allow users to play most media file types.

If you don’t mind the steeper learning curve and higher price point, JW Player is a reliable solution that is easy to use and very flexible.


9. StreamYard

StreamYard is a well-known platform that empowers users to live stream and record right in their browser. You can conduct guest interviews or stream to some of the world’s largest platforms, such as YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Users benefit from never needing to download software, and you can multistream, expanding your reach to Twitch, Twitter and more.

World-class integrations are made even better with the introduction of branded broadcasts. Users can add logos, colors, overlays and more to their broadcast. A logo allows you to increase brand exposure and let viewers know who they’re watching.

Even if you have a bad internet connection, StreamYard will reduce the risk that your video will be blurry or choppy.


  • Easy for even non-tech people to use
  • No-app installation necessary
  • Event scheduling and multi-screen options
  • Customize your stream’s brand


  • Connection issue of single guest impacts entire session
  • Custom service is slow


  • Free: Includes all of StreamYard’s core studio features, limited streaming, local recordings, six on-screen participants and two seats
  • Basic: $20/mo Gives you everything in the Free tier plus unlimited streaming, 10 on-screen guests, unlimited local recordings and live stream recordings, multistreaming, branding, 50 hours of storage and more.
  • Professional: $39/mo Gives you everything in the Basic tier along with the option to stream in full HD, extra multistream destinations, more seats, an extra camera and more.
  • Premium: $79/mo Gives you all the Professional features plus 10 seats, four hours of pre-recorded streams, StreamYard On-Air for 1,000 viewers, backstage participants and more.
  • Growth: $239/month Gives you all of the Premium features with more StreamYard On-Air viewers (10,000), greenroom and eight hours of pre-recorded streams.
  • Business: Contact sales. The highest tier gives you everything in the Growth plan plus 700+ hours of storage, extra user roles, more StreamYard On-Air viewers and more.


StreamYard is built for creators and business owners. The option to multi-stream to multiple platforms at once and a free option are just two reasons to try this platform. You can also customize your player and go live with a few button taps. For most users, StreamYard is a solid choice.


10. Muvi

Muvi is a popular Vimeo OTT alternative that gives users all of the tools they need to create their own audio or video streaming platform. If you aspire to launch the next Netflix or Spotify, Muvi has the framework to help you do that – no IT or coding experience required.

Muvi offers fully managed solutions powered by their streaming video CMS. Their features include:

  • Live streaming
  • Audio streaming
  • Live broadcasting
  • Video on demand
  • Ad-supported subscription plans
  • Multi-DRM security
  • Online video player
  • End user support
  • OTT website and apps

Muvi also offers other products, like those geared towards hosting and managing video, live stream only and AI-powered solutions.

While Muvi is advanced, it’s still a user-friendly platform that can help you get your OTT up and running as quickly as possible. But all of these features and power come at a price. Muvi’s price point is much higher than Vimeo, so it’s not a solution that’s accessible to everyone.


  • Robust OTT solution with a user-friendly design
  • Allows for audio streaming and live broadcasting
  • Security and monetization built-in
  • Full video CMS
  • Reliable CDN and hosting


  • Pricey
  • Not easy to integrate with other tools and software solutions


  • Standard: $399/month + $299/month per app + Infra fees. Includes unlimited content and users, 2,000 concurrent users, 2 admin accounts, visual designer for apps and website, monetization engine, built-in Amazon CDN and more.
  • Professional: $1499/mo + $499/month per app + Infra fees. Includes everything in the Standard plan but with higher limits for concurrent users (10,000), admin accounts (5) and the option to use your own CDN.
  • Enterprise: $3900/mo + $499/month per app + Infra fees. Includes higher limits for concurrent users (50,000), admin accounts (10). It also includes a dedicated server, a staging environment and a much higher level of support.
  • Ultimate: Starts at $10,000/mo. Designed for enterprises with high volume demands.

Muvi also has a slew of add-ons, like live chat, policy engine, credits and more. These come at an additional fee.


Muvi is a beefed-up version of Vimeo OTT, and it has the price tag to show it. But if your goal is to launch a streaming service of your own or an OTT, then Muvi will give you the framework and tools you need to get started quickly.


11. Wowza

Wowza markets itself as a video platform that can help your business scale and grow quickly. They offer reliable streaming services and their streaming engine actually helps power Vimeo.

Wowza’s solution offers a wealth of features, including:

  • Live streaming and video on demand
  • Stream scaling with half-second latency
  • Video CMS for storing and managing video assets
  • HTML5 video player
  • Content delivery network (CDN)
  • Real-time analytics

Wowza is a bit more developer-focused and not as user-friendly as Vimeo. Still, it’s a powerful solution for enterprises and large-scale events that produce more bandwidth-intensive streams. For users that fit into this category, Wowza is a great Vimeo alternative.


  • Smooth, quality streaming to large audiences
  • Optimized to improve streaming performance
  • CMS and asset management options
  • Video-on-demand options


  • Steep learning curve
  • No video editing options


  • Pay As You Go: $25/month gives you access to Wowza’s streaming platform, ABR streaming and passthrough
  • One Month of Streaming: $149/mo gives you 15 streaming hours, 500 viewing hours and the option to pay for storage as needed
  • Annual: $1,560/year gives you 300 streaming hours, 10,000 viewing hours and 150GB of storage.
  • Enterprise: A custom plan for enterprises with large audiences of high-volume needs


Wowza is an impressive platform with excellent reliability, video hosting and asset management. However, it lacks the creation and editing tools that other Vimeo alternatives offer. Wowza is best suited for enterprises and large entities that need to scale their streams with minimal disruption.

restream vimeo alternative

12. Restream

Restream is a multistream platform that makes it easy to reach your audience on multiple streaming platforms, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and more. The platform is also natively integrated into platforms like OBS Studio, XSplit, SLOBS and more.

Restream’s studio allows you to add branding, a call-to-action and engage with messages in the chat. There’s also the option to upload and stream content to your audience live.

While Restream has a lot going for it, Vimeo does have some advantages. If you want to create a video from scratch, Vimeo gives you the tools to do that. But Restream doesn’t. There are also options for webinars, video hosting or managing a video library. You can even hire a pro to create your video content.

Restream is more narrowly focused on streaming, so you don’t have as many options for video creation through their platform.

Still, Restream is worth considering as a Vimeo alternative if you want to focus mainly on multistreaming and want the tools to make your streams a success.


  • Stream to multiple destinations at once
  • Handle all stream chat messages in one place
  • Branding options
  • Reliable service


  • No options for video creation, hosting or management


  • Free: Allows you to stream to two channels, invite up to five guests, use basic graphics, upload up to 15 minutes of video for streaming and store one video.
  • Standard: $16/mo will allow you to stream to five channels, record up to 6 hours of streamed video, invite up to nine guests, use custom graphics, get 30-minute uploads for streaming and more.
  • Professional: $41/mo will allow you to stream to eight channels, record up to 10 hours of streamed content, invite nine guests, stream in full HD, upload 60 minutes of pre-recorded content and more.


Restream is a great alternative to Vimeo if you want to focus primarily on livestreaming. The lack of video editing features, hosting options and some of the other services that Vimeo offers makes it a less attractive option for video content creation. But for those who primarily do multistreaming, Restream is a reliable platform with an impressive customer base.


Vimeo alternatives have a lot of competing features, great prices and seem to make up for the poor customer support that has caused many people to leave Vimeo. The list above offers the best platforms that are similar to Vimeo but better.


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