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Facebook Video Ads: 10 Examples to Help You Beat Your Competition

Facebook video examples

These days, it’s becoming more challenging than ever to achieve great results with video ads on Facebook. In a few years ago it was sufficient to launch any kind of video ads to catch people’s attention, now you should be more original, professional and resource-intensive.

How do you stand up against the competition and create eye-catching Facebook video ads? Here are 10 great examples to watch and learn from.

Show product features in the most creative way

When it comes to showcasing one’s product, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for it. You can probably wrap your head around how guys from GoPro do it. After all, they are all about extreme sports or actions, and their videos are full of drive. Seems like all they have to do is just ask their users to send their wildest videos – and a Facebook video ad is ready.

But what about less creative industries, like IT? How do they approach this task? Suppose we have a new cool feature. How do we show it in a more efficient way?


In this regard, Dropbox are doing a great job. They put a voice-over, and add a storyline that connects all the dots between this eye-catching colorful image and the team feature of Dropbox itself. They know what they are doing.

Pro tip: notice the color scheme Dropbox are using in their video. The pink overlay gives the video a consistent and branded look. Use filters to add this effect to your Facebook video ads, even if you are using stock videos.

Major takeaway: learn from Dropbox and add captures to your videos, so that everybody gets the message.


Salesforce has come up with a fun office series for their Facebook video ads. The series proves one point: it’s impossible to continue using old methods in sales. But fret not, there’s a tool that can save your sales team a huge amount of time.

Major takeaway: focus on the difference you introduce into the world. What makes your brand/product stand out?


Another fun example of how you can highlight your main advantage with eloquence in a Facebook video ad comes from Vimeo (and if anybody knows anything about video, that would definitely be these guys!)

Major takeaway: a Facebook video ad doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be efficient.

Share your story, your idea

When working on your Facebook video ad, try answering these questions:

  • What makes your company unique?
  • What the ideas do you follow making your products?
  • What is your mission?

With this type of videos, you share the most valuable things about you with your audience.  From the point of view of the Japanese brand Uniqlo, the answer would be as following:

“We make our clothes for people, for making their everyday life and work much more comfortable.”

To demonstrate their brand vision, Uniqlo created an atmospheric video ad:

It helps them touch customers feelings, make them associate themselves with the shown lifestyle. Popular ads of tech giants are using this scheme very frequently.

People love discovering the product “behind the scenes” and appreciate that your brand care about the quality of your product regarding environmental changes, human rights, and values.

Major takeaway: as obvious as it may sound, try to touch an emotional chord with your Facebook video ad. Tell your brand story and show your human face.

Social proof

Why do people buy your product?

Sometimes the biggest part of your customers come to you thanks to the word of mouth. Who are the people who tell about your product or can potentially share feedback about it?

It can be your customers, business partners, experts or influencers. Influencer marketing is a relatively new thing and still can be used with any budget. Here’s how big brands like Samsung and Pepsi use influencers and celebrities in their Facebook video ads to boost their social proof:

Major takeaway: to make your Facebook video ad more powerful, get together with some influencers. Here’s a helpful guide to get you started.


I’d like to think that Facebook video ads are still a great instrument for any kind of business. You can learn many lessons about Facebook video ads by looking at some great commercial examples.

For your next video ad, try coming up with at least 3 ideas. If you are on a tight budget, make use of to create them. It comes with the built-in stock library so you can save money on shooting your own videos.

If you find out that one of these three Facebook video ads works better than the others, try it for Instagram Stories and Instagram Video ads, too. Happy creating!

Feel free to share your favorite examples of Facebook video ads in the comments. I’d love to hear about your experience with Facebook ads.

Facebook video examples to help you beat the competition

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