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20 Key Facebook Video Marketing Statistics That Will Help You Stand Out in 2022

20 Key Facebook Video Marketing Statistics That Will Help You Stand Out in 2021

If you think of Facebook, you may instantly associate it with text-based status updates, like how you relate Instagram to images and YouTube to videos. However, Facebook has come a long way. Facebook video statistics show that you should use video ads more to grow your business.

Check out the following article to learn top Facebook video marketing statistics that will help you stand out in 2022.

General Facebook Video Statistics

To help you boost your company’s online presence, you should stay updated with the most recent Facebook video trends and stats. Knowing the numbers helps you plan and modify your marketing strategies, including your Facebook video ads. Here are some general Facebook video statistics to watch out for.

1. Daily Facebook video views exceed 4 billion.

Facebook videos earn more than 4 billion views daily. This is already a competitive number if you compare it with the 5 billion average views on YouTube every day, considering that videos were not even Facebook’s primary focus.

2. Facebook video clicks are 59.3% higher compared to images.

Advertising on Facebook includes benefits from organic traffic. Facebook video ads help increase organic reach significantly. Videos generate 59.3% more clicks compared to images. So, if you want to increase online traffic, consider exploring Facebook video ads rather than relying on images alone.

3. Around 500 million people watch Facebook videos daily.

This is another impressive number, as it exceeds the daily average user base for YouTube—originally known to be the primary platform for video content. Given that 500 million individuals watch videos on Facebook, you can utilize videos to reach a global audience.

4. One in five Facebook videos is a live broadcast.

Facebook Live lets your audience feel the fun and excitement of witnessing events through videos. Statistics on Facebook live show that these live videos account for approximately 20% of the total video content on Facebook.

5. Of all Facebook video views, 98% come from mobile devices.

Device usage of Facebook users

Statistics show that 98% of Facebook users access the platforms from their mobile phones. So, mobile video views seem to keep up. This suggests that marketers and business owners like you should prioritize making your Facebook video ads mobile-optimized.

Facebook Video Business Statistics

Aside from knowing general statistics, you should also learn important Facebook video business statistics so you can apply them to your ads and other marketing strategies on your social media CRM platform.

Here are the top stats and trends.

6. The global video ad revenue of Facebook will likely reach $9.6 billion in 2021.

In 2015, Facebook video advertising revenue was only around $674 million. In 2018, it increased seven times more with $4.4 billion in ad revenue. These increasing numbers will likely continue with almost $10 billion as the expected revenue in 2021.

7. In the US, 83% of marketers trust Facebook video ads capacity to drive purchases.

US marketers are confident in Facebook video ads capacity in terms of engagement (86%), driving views (87%), and purchases (83%). Meanwhile, YouTube has relatively lower figures, with 81%, 84%, and 79% for engagement, driving views, and purchases, respectively.

8. Facebook videos that are mobile-optimized increase brand awareness by up to 67%.

These Facebook video marketing stats suggest that you should create video content designed for mobile viewing. To make powerful, mobile-optimized Facebook videos, adjust the length of your ad. Make sure to capture your viewers’ attention in the first few seconds.

9. Among consumers, 71% consider Facebook video ads relevant.

Over the years, ad targeting on Facebook has increased significantly, giving viewers more relevant content. And as more people view Facebook videos, more ads with increased accuracy will be available to these viewers. Thus, ROI on these ads will keep improving as well, which is crucial for small business owners.

Facebook Users Behavior Stats

Understanding Facebook users’ behaviors helps you easily tailor your ads based on what works for them. Here are some of their top behaviors based on the stats.

10. Among Facebook users, 85% watch videos without sound.

Facebook video statistics show that 85% of Facebook users watch videos with no sound. It may be surprising, but it sounds logical, given that most users browse through the platform while doing other things. So, optimize your Facebook video ads for silent viewing. Viewers should have the option to turn the sound on or off while watching your ad, and captions should be on by default.

11. Facebook users prefer short video ads that hit the 15-second mark.

The recommended length of Facebook video ads is around 15 seconds. Only include the most relevant information that relays your message effectively and prompts your audience to take action. One good strategy is to front-load your ad with powerful, eye-catchy visuals.

12. People view videos on Facebook five times longer than static posts.

Facebook users find videos way more interesting than other types of posts. This is one reason that features like Facebook live are gaining more popularity. Thus, you can focus more on Facebook video ads to increase engagement.

13. Among Facebook users, 62% become more interested in a product or service after finding out about it in Stories.

Based on the data above, maximizing Facebook stories helps you grow your business by increasing not only brand awareness but also purchasing intent. Creating a chatbot on Facebook can help you turn these interested viewers into customers. Through these chatbots, pre-purchase concerns are addressed promptly without having to wait for customer service agents.

Video Types That Work Best on Facebook

Knowing what video types your viewers prefer helps you redirect your focus when making ads. Here are some of the top trends.

14. Facebook Live videos are watched 3x longer than recorded videos.

These stats show that users enjoy watching live streams at the moment they are happening more than watching recorded videos. Also, Facebook Live videos receive 6x  as many interactions as traditional videos.

15. Vertical videos on Facebook can get up to 79% more views.

Vertical videos surpass landscape videos when it comes to engagement and completion rate. This may be because most Facebook users browse through their accounts using mobile devices. One way to maximize these stats is to create a grid to display different angles or several products simultaneously. Animations and overlays can also give your customers a more positive viewing experience.

16. The first three seconds of a Facebook video ad make 47% of the total campaign value.

The numbers above mean that even if your viewers don’t watch the whole ad, you still get an increase in terms of brand awareness, add recall, and buying intent. To assess total campaign value, marketers like you should look beyond view counts.

17. Facebook video ads that exceed 15 seconds have higher abandon rates than shorter ads.

According to Facebook, viewers have a low tolerance for long ads. That is why in-stream ad length has been limited to 15 seconds. Ads are also inserted in videos with lengths of at least three minutes.

Facebook Videos Performance Statistics

Through Facebook video performance stats, you can determine how to gain more profit from your ads. Check out some of the numbers below.

18. Facebook video ads containing captions increase watch time by at least 12%.

Facebook users look at captions because many ads are played with no sound. Adding these captions can increase viewing time by up to 12%. You can start by using the platform’s built-in captions or’s powerful automatic captioning tool to help you provide strong captions.

Add Captions and Subtitles to Your Videos Easily

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19. TV ads cost 20 times more than Facebook ads.

While TV ads remain one of the most common ways to run campaigns, statistics show that marketers spend 20 times more on TV ads compared to Facebook video ads. But interestingly, TV ads reach viewers just twice more than Facebook video ads. So, if you want to spend less and still reach a wider audience, take advantage of Facebook video ads.

20. CTAs placed in the middle of videos get a 16.95% conversion rate.

CTA conversion rate stats

CTAs in the middle of a video get the highest average conversion rate at 16.95%. Pre-roll and post-roll CTASs only get 3.15% and 10.98% conversion rates, respectively. Given these numbers, place your CTAs in the middle.


Facebook video statistics show that the platform is a leader in video advertising, even competing with YouTube and TV. Knowing these Facebook video marketing statistics gives you that edge in growing your business. Check out our site for more helpful business stats and trends!

About the author: Jessica Perkins is a writer and SaaS marketing consultant who helps businesses scale up their marketing efforts. She is obsessed with learning and also is passionate about sculpting.

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