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How to Go Live on Instagram on Your Computer

How to Go Live on Instagram on Your Computer

Instagram Live is a fantastic way to reach out and connect with the audience. You can engage viewers in real-time, build a community and grow by going live on the platform. It’s all possible. But going live on Instagram on your computer? Well, that’s possible too.

So, if you’ve held the notion that Instagram Live is a far-fetched dream when it comes to going live on computer, it’s about time you changed your thinking. While Instagram may not officially support streaming outside of their app, it is possible to set the platform as a live streaming destination using third-party tools.

Read on to learn how to go live on Instagram on computer and elevate your brand with some of the hottest Instagram Live best practices.

How to Go Live on Instagram on Your Computer

You can easily go live on Instagram using’s multi-streaming studio.

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Here’s how to set up your Instagram account as a live streaming destination inside

Step 1: Log in and add destination

Log into your account, go to “My streams & recordings,” and click “Add destination”.

Add destination

Now, to stream to Instagram Live on your computer, select “Custom RTMP” from the drop-down.

Custom RTMP

Step 2: Go to YellowDuck

You’ll need the streaming URL and a key to add an RTMP destination for your Instagram account. Of course, you’d need to use a trusted tool like YellowDuck to get the streaming URL and key.

Go to YellowDuck and download the app to your computer.


Once the app is installed, log in to your Instagram account using the YellowDuck app.

Note: The login won’t work if 2-factor authentication is enabled in your Instagram account.

After successfully logging into your Instagram account using YellowDuck, you’ll see the streaming URL and the key.

Step 3: Add “Custom RTMP” details

Now, copy the RTMP details from YellowDuck, go back to your destination page, and paste the RTMP settings into the window.RTMP Key

Step 4: Save the destination

After adding the URL and the key, click “Add RTMP server” to save the custom destination at

Step 5: Go live

You are all set to stream to Instagram in studio on your computer. Just press “Go Live” whenever you’re ready.

Save the destination

To start the stream on Instagram, go to YellowDuck and click “Start broadcast”.

Start broadcast

Once you’re done live streaming on Instagram on your computer, don’t forget to finish the broadcast on both, YellowDuck and

Instagram Live Best Practices

Now that you have learned how to go live on Instagram on computer, here are some best practices for hosting Instagram Live sessions that pack a punch:

1. Finalize the Goal

Like any marketing tactic, Instagram Live must also begin with the end in mind. What do you want to attain by going live on your Instagram account? Do you want to boost your brand’s visibility on the platform or create a community?

When strategized correctly, Instagram Live sessions can successfully bring your business in front of your potential consumers and drive home the goal you intend to achieve from them.

2. Promote your Instagram Live

Communicate the value of your Instagram Live stream to your audience in advance. It helps gather views as you go live and informs your viewers when to tune in. You can schedule an Instagram Live 90 days in advance and regularly share reminders in your Instagram Stories and feed to build excitement.

Pro Tip: Use’s Instagram post templates to create graphics for promotion and grab eyeballs.

3. Prepare the Venue

As soon as you’ve figured out how to go live on Instagram on computer, prepare for the live stream’s venue. Choose a place with proper lighting and free from unwanted noises. Also, focus on the backdrop. It should be professional yet engaging and support your brand’s aesthetic.

Selecting the right place can determine the success or failure of your Instagram broadcast. So, avoid keeping this step for the last moment.

4. Pick a Time that Suits your Audience

But how do you arrive at a time that suits your audience? Well, you can map out your viewers’ digital journey with your account by using Instagram Insights. Study the “Audience” tab to determine when your audience is most active on the gram.

Go a step ahead by asking a question from your audience about the time they’d prefer to catch you live. Then pick the time most of the respondents chose as a response. Standing out in crowded Instagram feeds requires going the extra mile. Isn’t it?

5. Utilize the Practice Mode

Instagram offers incredible features to help you build your tribe by going live. One such tool is the “Practice Mode”. Once you’re ready to go live, test your live streaming setup by selecting the Audience icon on the left toolbar.


Then, choose “Practice” and click “Set Audience”.

Practice Instagram Live on Computer

You can then go through your key points or speak at length. The idea is to ease it off. Then, whenever you want to go live for the public, toggle from “Practice” to “Public”.

6. Reminders come in handy

Live videos move fast and can go long. So, as new viewers join in the broadcast, don’t forget to remind them about the topic and why they should remain tuned in.

Pro Tip: Add a comment and pin it to the top to help people find out more about the topic of your live session, instead of relying on guesswork.

7. Engage More with Guests and Co-hosts

Give your live stream’s engagement level a boost by inviting someone to co-host your session. It helps bring a fresh perspective to the live video and allows you to connect with your audience better by making your viewers a part of your stream.

To do that, tap the person icon at the bottom of the screen.

Add a guest

8. Moderate your Live Chat

Rising above the noise on Instagram Live becomes possible with live chat moderation. So, if inappropriate words in your comments section is a pet peeve for you, filter or hide offensive comments with specific phrases.

To filter comments, go to “Settings” and then “Privacy”. Next, select “Hidden Words” and then toggle on “Hide comments”. You can also use the “Advanced comment filtering” option and assign a “Live Moderator” to moderate the live chat.

9. Brand your Live Stream

When it comes to going live on Instagram, don’t forget to blend in your branded elements. You can do that by using’s live streaming studio and including your logo, brand colors, etc.

In addition, you can create countdown timers, videos, and graphics to promote your live stream.

When your efforts coincide with your brand, it naturally fosters brand recognition and affinity amongst your audience.

10. Save & Repurpose your Instagram Live Sessions

The best thing you can do after your Instagram Live video is over is to save and repurpose it. This not only helps you take the video to people who missed it earlier but also builds a content engine with videos and snippets that are worth sharing across social.

Also, don’t forget to share your Instagram Live video with your Stories for a wider reach.

Remember, witnessing sustained, gradual growth on your Instagram Live sessions requires dedicated, strategic efforts, and repurposing the live videos is one of them.

Ready to Go Live on Instagram on Your Computer?

We hope this guide on how to go live on Instagram on computer will help you reach, connect, and engage your Instagram audience directly from your computer. No more picking up the phone and holding it for hours to interact with your viewers.

Make the most of this welcome deviation from the grips of your smartphones.

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