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7 Instagram Bio Ideas for your Business

Writing an Instagram bio for business might seem easy to many: it’s just a couple of lines, after all. However, it’s not as simple.

An Instagram bio is one of the things that help you grab the audience’s attention, so you definitely need to make it work. Today we want to offer you a couple of tips and tricks that could help you do so.

7 Simple Tips to Write the Best Instagram Bios | Instagram Marketing How To

An Instagram bio is one of the things that help you grab the audience’s attention, so you definitely need to make it work. Today we want to offer you a couple of tips and tricks that will help you do just that.

1. Know what your bio needs to accomplish

Before you even get to writing the bio, you need to answer that question. The goals could differ a lot for influencers, bloggers, small and big businesses. Therefore, it’s important to come up with your own ones at first.

Here are a couple of goals you might want to consider:

  • convey what your business does
  • educate the customers about how they can reach you, what are your working hours, etc.
  • show the brand’s or the company’s personality
  • inform the customers about your latest products or services
  • prompt the customers to take some kind of action.
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Make your profile special

Here’s why this is so important: what to include in the bio depends on these goals. When you need to inform the customers about your products, services, news, etc., you better include a related link in the bio. Or if you have a lot of links to include on your page, you can choose a link in bio tool such as LinkOne to keep the links together so that your customers could check them easily.

Instagram Bio Example

When your goal is to show your business’s personality and you don’t need to drive attention to something specific, you can settle for a general link to your website or shop.

Instagram Bio for Business Examples

2. Pick a good photo

If you are a brand yourself, consider picking a photo with your face on it. After all, photos with faces get 38% more likes on Instagram in general, so your profile photo might have a good impact on the audience as well.

But it’s not only about that. People like it when a business has a face as it looks more personal, friendly, and open that way. When picking a photo, remember that it shouldn’t be too detailed, otherwise it might look too unclear. It shouldn’t look too formal as well, as Instagram is all about connecting with the audience, not distancing from them.

Here’s a good example of such photo:

Instagram bio picture

This is a great example of an Instagram picture. It demonstrates the nature of the person.

However, if your brand is not about the person, use the logo instead. Keep in mind that logo symbols look better than signatures when it comes to the Instagram bio. So if you use both signatures and symbols for your identity, try to pick a symbol only for your profile photo.

Instagram bio uses a logo as their Instagram account picture

3. Write a bio that really represents your business

Should a bio be long or short? Should it include emojis or not? It all depends on your business, on its image and vision. Therefore, spend some time putting that vision into words if you haven’t already.

It should also align with your overall social media strategy. How do you normally compose tweets or Facebook posts? What tone do you use?

Come up with words you want to be associated with your brand, with the emotions you want it to evoke. Check out the bios of similar brands for inspiration (but don’t copy – your brand needs to have its own unique voice after all).

There are bios that are short but still align well with the brand’s image.

Old Spice Instagram for Business Short Bio Example

Old Spice Instagram bio is short and to the point

5 Senses Coffee Instagram Bio for Business Example

5 Senses Coffee Instagram bio is almost a motto

There are also ones that are more detailed and still work well.

Tim Ferriss Instagram Bio for Business Example

Check Tim Ferriss’ Instagram account bio for inspiration on writing longer Instagram bios

4. Break it up

It is easier for many to perceive the information when it comes in smaller portions. Therefore, breaking up Instagram business bios with line spacing often proves to be more effective than writing it down in one line.

Instagram Bio for Business Example: Fatma vs Food

A London-based food blogger Fatma al-Baiti uses emojis to break up the lines in her Instagram bio

Pro tip: since it’s impossible to use breaks when writing a bio right within Instagram, use a note-taking app like Notes on iPhone or Google Keep on Android to craft your Instagram bio.
Once you’ve finished writing the bio, simply copy and paste it into the Instagram bio field.

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5. Consider including emojis in your bio

Did you know that 50% of the Instagram comments and captions contain emojis? People seem to like it a lot, so why not make the most out of it?

The emojis are often used to make your brand look more emotional and friendly.

Instagram bio for business: Asos

Emojis can also be used for breaking up your bio more effectively. For example, why use bullet points when you can pick emojis instead?

Be careful with it, though. It’s important to not simply include emojis in your posts but to do this appropriately. Not all people actually interpret emojis in the same way you do, and there’s also an emoji slang you need to consider.

6. Use branded hashtags

7 out of 10 Instagram hashtags are branded. Therefore, why don’t add to the number?

If you have or want to have a branded hashtag for your business, include it in your bio. This will give your audience the opportunity to share their content for you or to share their opinions about your products or services.

Such hashtags are also a great tool for collecting feedback from your audience, be it reviews, photos of your products, and so on.

Instagram bio for business example: L.L. Bean

7. Make a link part of your bio

Since the link in bio is the only clickable link Instagram allows you to have, make sure you make it count. You can use a tool like Elink to add a visual webpage to your Instagram bio link.

The link comes right after the bio, so naturally, you might want to attract your visitors’ attention to it with an extra symbol. These are a couple of the most popular emojis used in this case:👇 ⬇️

To put extra emphasis on the link, use several pointing or arrow emojis in a row: ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Instagram bio example: Chloe and Beans

An Australian blogger Chloe attracts visitors’ attention to her latest YouTube video with an emoji


The Instagram bio for business might be only 150 characters long but it doesn’t make it less important. It’s the opportunity to tell the audience who you are, how they can connect with you, and which of your products or services they should check out. It could also help you drive back more traffic to your website.

Therefore, it’s important to invest time into crafting a good bio for your Instagram account. Keep in mind that the definition of «good» isn’t overly specific here. You can write a serious bio, a funny one, a short yet impressive one, or the one that barely fits the 150-character limit. Just write something that really represents your business and keep our tips in mind to achieve better results.

It’s important to invest time into crafting a good bio for your Instagram account

Do you believe the Instagram bio is important? Do you maybe have some tips to share with us too? In this case, please do so in the comments below. Have fun creating the best Instagram business bios!

About the author: Charles Ebert is a career mentor, content coordinator for, motivational speaker & human resources consultant with over 10 years of experience in HR sector. Apart from career mentoring, he loves photography and football. Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook & Google+.

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