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turn 100mb video into 10mb
6 Effective Methods to Make Videos Smaller to Email

Video is arguably one of the best media formats. Creating a video is even more fun and more accessible nowadays. But what if you want to share the...

Use videos in emails
7 Really Cool Ways to Use Video in Email Marketing [With Examples]

If you're looking to get the finest results from your email marketing campaigns and take things from good to the best, exploring the use of video may...

Videos in sales emails
6 Ways to Empower Your Sales Emails with Videos for Better Conversion

The sales process has become complex today. Salespeople must do a host of things to attract customers who have become sophisticated and are...

Embed a Videos in Emails
Embed Video in Email: Why, How, and When

First published on July 8, 2019. Updated on May 14, 2020 We talk about the advantages of video a lot around here. You probably already know the...

4 Ways to Use Videos to Grow Your Email List
4 Ways to Use Videos to Grow Your Email List

The blossoming world of video is helping businesses grow in every possible way.  Not only do videos increase traffic, but they generate more...

What Rules in Email Marketing: Images or Videos?
Best Video Thumbnails for Email Marketing: Static, GIF, or…?

Videos continue to conquer all parts of marketing, but email marketing is not the one to retreat.  More about thisEmbed Video in Email: Why, How,...

4 Amazing Ways to Increase Email Engagement with Video

According to The Radicati Group, a tech-based market research firm, average people get over a hundred emails in their inbox each day. It's obvious...

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