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17 Awesome Video Effects You Want to Try in Your Next Video

Video production takes time. Whether you are using an online video maker like or a more advanced tool like Adobe Premiere, you want to make your video look stunning and, most importantly, unique.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional videographer or designer to create NatGeo-like videos. Here are 17 awesome video effects that you can easily replicate in

1. Sepia effect

Use this video effect

The sepia effect gives your image or video a warm brownish tone. This effect makes your videos look a bit vintage, due to the hue that resembles aging photos. 

Great for: the sepia video effect will look perfect on quiet, nostalgic, and historical videos. It’s also a great fit for fact videos and video quotes.

How to replicate: In order to add this video effect in, add a color filter to your video and change its opacity to around 35%. Go for the color #B99073.

Sepia video effect

2. Video quotes

Use this video effect

Visual quotes are a powerful marketing instrument on social media. For instance, Twitter users who tweet quotes have 43% more followers than those who don’t.

If you want your visual quote to stand out, turn it into a video. To make it look more like an actual quote, simply add quotation marks at the top or beginning of the phrase.

Great for: posting inspirational quotes and author abstracts.

How to replicate: add a short paragraph of text to the video. To make it more visible, consider adding a colored background for the text.

Then add a separate line of text and type the opening quotation mark. Make sure to enlarge the font to make it stand out.

Video quote spec

3. Picture in video effect

Use this video effect

Adding picture on top of a video can help you provide extra information and make your video more personal. You can also do all kinds of creative stuff with adding images to video, from displaying your watermark to augmenting the video with creative elements.

Great for: use this video effect for announcing an online event by simply adding pictures of speakers to the video.

How to replicate: in, head to the step “Graphics & Stickers”, then upload your image to the video editor. You can also add an animation effect to the image.

4. Newspaper titles

Use this video effect

This video effect resembles typing on an old typewriter, where letters appear on the screen one by one. The blinking cursor at the end of the phrase leaves room for anticipation.

Great for: sharing short informational videos, pieces of information, and quotes.

How to replicate: to use this video effect, switch the font that resembles that of a typewriter (Special Elite, Typewriter or Thabit will do) and choose the text effect “Type”. To achieve even greater resemblance, change the text color to somewhat greyish.

Typewriter video effect

5. Letterbox video

Use this video effect

The letterbox is a video style where there is a space at the top and bottom (or the left and the right-hand side) of your video. This space is usually of a specific color of your choice. It could be aligned with your brand or just be black and white, like the standard.

Great for: making meme videos or any other kind of video where you need to put the information at the top and bottom of the video.

How to replicate: it’s fairly easy to use this video effect in Simply choose a square video format and add a vertical video. This way, there is going to be some space left at the top and bottom of the video. Change the background color to the desired one. Then add your text to the video. Use the font “Impact” or similar.

How to Create a Letterbox Effect

Learn how to create meme-like videos yourself, easily.

6. Neon light text

The neon light text effect looks great on videos. It gives them this special vibrancy and glow.

Great for: use this video effect to announce shows and events or even to share some great quotes. When used with the red color of text, it can also give your videos a somewhat quaint feeling.

How to replicate: for this video, we used the font “Dosis” that resembles the shop signs. You’ll also need to add a shadow to your text and apply the Glow effect to it. Set the blur to 30%.

Glow text effect

7. Showcase speakers of your next event

Use this video effect

Online event promotion is an important part of any event promotion. Every one of us is online these days, be it surfing Google or browsing social media. In this regard, video is one the most effective types of media.

Great for: announcing speakers, special attendees, or featuring a person.

How to replicate: simply upload a person’s picture to Normally, circle pictures look better, so apply the frame “Circle” to the image.

8. Split screen video

Use this video effect

Split-screen videos are great for when you need to add bigger chunks of text to your videos. A split screen video is just what it says on the tin: the screen is split into two parts, one of which is video or image, another one is of plain background color. This is the part where you would put your text message.

Great for: adding more information to your videos. Split screen video effect is perfect for educational videos where you share lots of facts and data.

How to replicate: in order to create a split screen effect, add a video or image to the scene in, then move the video to the side so that the plain background starts showing. Change the background color to the one you like and add text.

9. Transparent text

Use this video effect

The transparent video text effect allows you to “color” the text in the colors of the video. This way, your video looks very magazine-like and stylish.

Great for: announcements and sales, especially in the retail, fashion, and travel industry. However, feel free to adjust to your own brand, too.

How to replicate: in, use the text effectTransparent. For the light look, change the background color to white (#FFFFFF).

Transparent text effect

10. Use a sticker instead of a letter

Use this video effect

Stickers are a great and fun way to make your video more engaging. They show your audience you speak their language and make it easy for them to relate. If your video has text on it, try replacing a letter or part of the text with a sticker or animated GIF.

Great for: all kinds of videos, especially holiday sales and anything related to kids.

How to replicate: when adding your text, type in the word letter by letter, skipping one letter. Then, head over to the step “Graphics & Stickers” and search for a GIF or sticker to place instead of the letter. Normally, letters like O are easier to replace (think of anything round, from donut to driver’s wheel). But you can get creative and try other letters, too.

11. Add a frame around your text

Use this video effect

Another great video effect that you can try in your next video is adding a frame around your text message. Generally, text on video plays a huge role in helping you visualize your idea better. In this sense, adding a frame around text helps you highlight the message and make it stand out more clearly.

Great for: directing your viewers’ attention to the text.

How to replicate: in, use the text effect “Frame”. To make the frame bigger, add spaces before and after the text.

Frame text effect

12. Bulleted list with stickers

Use this video effect

Using stickers and small animated GIFs for structuring text information on your videos is a great idea. It attracts the viewers’ attention and helps you present the information in a new and attractive way.

Great for: lists of any sort.

How to replicate: first, type in the text using separate lines. Then, head over to the step “Graphics and Stickers” and choose a sticker to add to the video next to each line. You can just use the same sticker for every item or get more creative and try to match the sticker with the text.

13. Meme-like effect

Use this video effect

Meme videos are fun to watch and pretty easy to make. A meme video is a kind of video where you would put a fun video or image in the center of the scene while adding a text with a joke or a funny saying at the top and bottom. It’s similar to a letterbox video, except meme videos are normally created just for fun.

Great for: sharing a joke with your audience; fun and engaging social videos.

How to replicate: similarly to the letterbox video effect, switch to the square video format in Then add a horizontal video and choose the video background color. After that, add text at the top and bottom of the video.

14. Diagonal text on video

Use this video effect

Adding text is an important element of the majority of marketing videos. However, just putting plain text with no text effects might seem boring. As you want to make your video as engaging as possible, how about giving the text some spin (literally)? Putting diagonal text to video might give it a new fresh look.

Great for: marketing videos or any other kinds of video where you want to add some vibrancy.

How to replicate: ungroup the text blocks, then spin the text slightly.

15. Add vibrancy to your videos

Use this video effect

Intensify the colors of your videos by applying a filter of similar colors. This way, the video will have an interesting video effect.

Great for: marketing and fashion videos. Also, if you want to make the text on video stand out.

How to replicate: add a video filter of similar colors over your video. In order to select the right colors for the filter, use tools like Eye Dropper.

16. “Acidic” effect on your videos

Use this video effect

Another video effect that will give your videos a new look is the so-called “acidic” effect. It’s quite popular in media these days, with the colorful and bright filters added to newsletter images, brochures, and more.

Great for: fun and catchy marketing videos.

How to replicate: similarly to the previous one, you can replicate this video effect by using a video filter in Intensify the opacity of the color filter, to make the image brighter.

17. Dimensional letters

Use this video effect

This video effect is one of my favorite ones. Easily, you can give your videos an additional dimension, attracting attention to the text.

Great for: marketing and holiday videos.

How to replicate: add a shadow to your text, then change its color and intensity to whatever suits your needs.

Over to you

Whichever video effect you choose, it’s easy to use it in Experiment with the look and feel of your videos for better engagement. Add video transition effects to make your content stand out!

What is your favorite video effect? Share in the comments below!

17 Awesome Video Effects to Try in Your Next Video

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