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7 Proven Ways to Increase Video Landing Page Conversions

7 Proven Ways to Increase Video Landing Page Conversions

While landing pages can increase lead conversions, there is one thing that is proven to enhance the quality of a landing page: videos!

Do videos make as big of a difference in landing page conversions?

That is why adding videos to your landing pages is invaluable in the optimization of a landing page because they add a personal touch and trigger the psychology of human emotion in a way that words simply cannot. If you anchor your lead gen strategy on great copywriting that includes compelling videos that speak to your target audience, you will get more leads.

In this article, we’ll explore the effectiveness of video landing pages for businesses and learn proven ways to increase their conversions.

What is a Video Landing Page?

Simply put, a video landing page is just a web page with a video in it.

Video landing Page example

A video landing page example

A video landing page gets potential customers in your marketing funnel. Videos on your landing page increase your conversions for a product sale or getting their email. 

There are different ways to bring customers to your marketing funnel. Having a video on your landing page drastically increases the chance that you are able to keep your customer and recommend a product or service. 

Here is the reality of landing pages with video:

A business should look at getting better conversions. It can drastically increase the number of leads for your business. These leads can be fostered into recurring business and referrals in the future. 

Putting Your Video on the Spotlight

It’s important to be able to get your video displayed prominently. It increases the chance that someone watches your video. Here are a few tips that will help:

  • Have your video on towards the top
  • Get to the point with your videos
  • Keep your video light, humorous, and knowledgeable
  • Include text in your video

You only have a second to make an impression on your target audience. It’s important to be able to get your point across in a fun manner. Many people won’t always turn on their audio, so have text available in bold to get your message across. 

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7 Proven Ways to Increase Video Landing Page Conversions

1. Clarify Your Goals

Build your Business by Focusing on Generating More Leads

It’s important to clarify your goals. You need to decide what video landing pages will do for your business. Landing pages can significantly increase the number of leads for your business.

Leads and video landing pages - graph

 Image Source

The more landing pages, the more leads you will be able to generate for your business. The reality is that each landing page will promote a different aspect of your business and will also target different people. Keep in mind that businesses with more landing pages can generate a whopping 12 times more leads than those with only 1 to 5 landing pages.

2. Ensure You Use the Right Style of Video

Creating Different Videos for Different Audiences

You’ll have different people looking at different content. You’ll want to create videos that address all those different people. By having an assortment of different videos, you will be able to connect the right video with the right customer.

Types of videos for video landing pages

 Image Source

Create a variety of videos for your video landing pages. It can be a blend of videos about your companies, products, and related content. Whenever you have a large collection of videos, you will be able to repurpose your content for different use and become a trusted authority. You can leverage social media channels, direct messages, email marketing, and your own website. 

  • Explainer Video
    • Explainer Videos explain a problem or an insight
    • They are highly impactful whenever someone is searching for a solution
    • Look at leveraging the relationship between social media and SEO whenever possible
  • How-to Video
    • They give step-by-step instructions
    • Make sure to include text to emphasize your points
  • Product Demonstration Video
    • Look at creating a video about a specific product
    • Walk through people on the pros and cons of your product
    • Talk about who your product or service will be best for
    • Look at addressing some kind of problem your customer might be facing
  • Company Culture Video
    • Create branded company videos
    • These videos can talk about the origin, a case study, or employees
    • Match your videos to your company’s message 
  • Customer Testimonials
    • Get reviews from your customers
    • Give your product and service to influencers for free
    • Leverage your testimonials to your sales pages

By having a variety of videos, you can address the different needs of your audience. Whenever you combine it with a landing page, you will be able to generate viewers as leads. 

3. Video Positioning – Add Above the Fold

Maximize Your Impact By Looking at the Positioning of Your Videos

Where you put your video and copy has an impact on your conversions. Whenever possible, look at putting your most important content towards the top of your landing page which design-wise intuitively makes sense as this is what visitors will see first. 

It becomes increasingly important with heavier mobile usage. A lot of people are looking at landing pages on their phones, which means that the top section of your landing page will get more attention in comparison to the bottom parts of your content.

viewing time video landing pages

Image Source

Most people will spend time looking at the top portion of your landing page. Most people will then skim through the rest of your blog until they catch something of interest to them In our culture, it’s increasingly difficult to get someone else’s attention. 

Pay attention to these stats:

Whenever possible, landing pages should have your videos on the top part of your landing page. Videos have higher conversion rates. If you can get someone to click and watch your video, it increases your chance of getting them as a lead and potential sale. 

Keeping Your Landing Pages Simple and to the Point

Make a quick impression by keeping things clean on your landing page. Get straight to the point and what you offer to people. The quicker you can connect with your audience, the greater the chance of conversion.

A landing page’s goal should be to convert a person to lead. Videos help this process. By decluttering your landing page, you get people to focus on the most important parts of your landing page. 

  • Create a catchy headline for your landing page
  • Have your video on the top
  • Encourage people towards a Call to Action (CTA)

Whenever you are able to keep your video towards the top, you increase the chance of someone watching your video and engaging with the content. 

4. Keep Your Videos Concise

How Long Should Videos Be To Get Maximum Conversion?

People have shorter attention spans. It’s important to give people valuable information in an easily digestible way. In reality, it only takes a moment to lose a potential lead. Consider the statistics on how long your videos should be to get maximum conversions. 

Video Statistics

Image Source

Whenever possible, look at getting your video completed within a couple minutes. It’s important to get right to the point and your main offer. 

Whenever you have a longer video make sure it’s personalized as much as possible. Make sure the traffic you are bringing to this landing page has a specific reason for checking out your website. You don’t want to lose people because you started dragging on. 

Look at Controlling Your Video Settings

Video Controls

Videos have a variety of ways to be displayed. They can be auto-played or looped like you see with some webinars. All of this can be customized. Consider where you will be hosting your videos. Depending on your hosting plans, you’ll have to consider if there are branding conflicts.  

5. Show Your Audience The Benefits

Understand Your Audience’s Problems

By understanding your audience’s problems, you can understand the solutions available to them. When you understand problems, you will be able to explain the benefits in a personal way. 

Focus on creating videos that your audience really wants to see. There are analytics you can use to measure people’s attention. Look at using A/B testing whenever possible to increase your conversions over time. 

Look at people’s intent. An online search is someone that chose to look up content with a specific keyword targeted to find more information on a topic. If you can create content that is helpful, you can show up in search results. And if the keyword you’re targeting fulfills commercial intent, the searcher is that much more likely to convert.

If the keyword you’re targeting fulfills commercial intent, the searcher is that much more likely to convert.

Reconnect With Your Audience

Your Landing Page should be able to track on Google and Facebook. You’ll be able to retarget people that went on your landing page and watched your video.

Video Tracking

 When you are able to track visitors on your landing page you’ll be able to retarget your visitors. 

Offer different videos and promotions to your target audience. You may be able to offer a different lead magnet, like a recorded webinar,  that draws in leads. It further emphasizes that your business is an authority. 

6. Optimize Videos for SEO

Videos Are On Google

Google is the largest search engine. They have increasingly recommended videos to people searching for different content.

Google search suggesting videos

 Videos explaining a specific problem can be searchable on Google. Look at having a good headline, thumbnail, and description to have a higher chance of your video being searchable. 

Create videos that people are searching for. Leverage tools to get your videos showing up on search engines.

7. Check Out Wave.Video for Your Landing Page

Wave.Video – an All In One Place Tool for Video Landing Pages allows you to have your videos hosted on their platform. You’ll be able to edit your videos and have access to stock pictures and videos to make your videos more engaging. You’ll be able to create lively videos with chat features and upload them on a landing page. video landing page generator

  • 1,429,457 marketers grow their business with
  • Businesses using optimization software for their landing pages see an average conversion lift of 30%.

Marketers and businesses are leveraging for more leads. Look at putting all of your content on one platform for your video landing pages. 

What are the Different Tools Available on Features

Create your videos and brand them for your company. Look at repurposing your content on different platforms to increase traffic to your landing pages. 

  • Leverage a password to protect your videos
  • Share your content on different platforms
  • Leverage email to get more leads
  • Put your videos on your articles

Your videos and landing page can be completed all on one platform. You can then use your videos to get more leads for your company. 


Look at building a video landing page to maximize your conversions. Use a platform like to host your videos, edit, and launch your content. Your turn!

About the author: Wesley Cherisien is a speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, and tech investor who has penned hundreds of articles, books, and training guides for organizations in the Fortune 500, consultants and authors spanning across multiple industries. Chief Editor of, Wesley is a creative and highly innovative thinker with 10+ years of experience writing for online publications.

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