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What’s New in Screen Recording, Captions Improvements, Cross Scene and Track Dragging

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We know how much you missed the update on new features. This month we have prepared 3 new killer features and several other updates and improvements to our online video editor.

With the release of these new features, team is raising the bar on what you can achieve with an online editing tool. These updates are designed to help you streamline your workflow, save time, and create stunning videos that stand out from the crowd. In this blog post, we’ll explore these features and show you how you can use them to take your video editing skills to the next level. Get ready to be amazed by what you can create with’s latest enhancements!

What’s new:

  • Video recording right inside the video editing tool
  • Cross track and scene elements dragging
  • Enhanced options for captions generation and editing
  • Background rendering
  • Text blocks editing in double click

Video Recording Inside Video Editor

Actually, video recording technology isn’t a brand-new feature for platform. Since we have launched streaming studio, our users can record their screen and themselves using webcams. Though with this update, we have enabled video recording right inside the video editor.

This feature is especially useful for creating tutorial videos, product demos, or other types of instructional content. With the screen recording feature, you can choose to capture your entire screen or just a specific window, and can also include audio from your computer or microphone. Once you’ve finished recording, you can easily trim, edit, and enhance your video using’s other powerful editing tools.

This new feature adds a whole new level of functionality to, making it a versatile and comprehensive video editing platform.

Go to My Projects, click on the +Create button, and choose Video recording. Now, depending on the video’s purpose, you may choose one of the options for video recording:

  • Advanced – better for complex videos with guests, overlay and layout usage.
  • Simple – use it if you are into recording a simple video using a webcam and/or screen share.

As studio recording have been introduced a long time ago, our current focus is simple video recording. So, when you click on Simple it offers three options for video recording:

  • Camera
  • Camera + Screen
  • Screen + Audio

Additionally, you can use the video recording feature to create unique stickers. Go to Overlays & Stickers, click on Media, and in the drop-down menu, choose Record Video. For sticker recording, you can also choose one of three options for recording (Camera, Camera + Screen, Screen + Audio).

Once you are done with the recording the sticker will appear on the timeline, so you can edit it as any other sticker: change speed, size, or transparency, add a stroke or color filter, etc.

Cross Track and Scene Elements Dragging

We know that for many of you, the inability to move such elements as text or audio tracks was a real struggle. No more worries! There is no such restriction anymore.

Just click on an element that you want to move to another track or scene and drag it to a place where it is supposed to be.

To move an element on your project’s timeline, just click on it and drag it to the place it is supposed to be. That’s easy as ABC! Now it works with all types of text elements and audio tracks.

Enhanced Captions

Caption generation is one of the hottest features of editor.

That is why we took some time and decided to make it even better.

Along with captions generation and auto-translation to more than 70 languages, you can customize it to meet your craziest ideas. Choose captions to be in one or two lines, set the maximum number of characters,  pick different colors for different words, and make a colorful background.

Background Rendering

If you initiate the rendering process and return to the editor, you can still monitor the progress of the rendering by refreshing the editor or accessing the publishing section. You can cancel and restart the rendering process or close it if needed.

In case you make changes while the rendering is in progress, we will display the current progress along with a notification that the rendering may no longer be up-to-date. You have the option to choose between the previous version or re-render the project.

No more lost renderings!

Text Blocks Editing in Double Click

Now users may simply double-click on a block of text, and the software will automatically select the entire block for editing. This saves time and effort compared to manually selecting the text with the cursor.

Once the text block is selected, you can easily edit the content as desired, including adding, deleting, or modifying text. The editor also provides additional formatting options, such as font size, color, and style, that you can access in the right-side menu.

Final Thoughts

So if you enjoy creating and editing videos, you love these new features. The video recording feature inside the editor is especially useful for creating tutorial videos or product demos, and the ability to drag and move text and audio tracks is a game-changer for those of us who have struggled with this before. Plus, the enhanced options for caption generation and editing make it easier than ever to create professional-looking videos. And let’s not forget about the background rendering feature, which means we no longer have to worry about lost renderings! Finally, the text block editing in double-click is such a small yet incredibly useful feature that can save so much time and effort.

We’ll keep you in the loop!

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