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How to Easily Convert Text to Video Online

How to Easily Convert Text to Video Online

Repurposing content is one thing that’s never going to grow old. While you can easily repurpose your videos (including live streams), how about creating video from the text?

Well, guess what?

Getting video from text is easier than ever. Thanks to’s AI-powered text into video converter. Using the tool, you can convert blog posts, articles, and text files to videos and customize them the way you want.

Easily Convert Text to Video Online

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How to Convert Text to Video with

Read on to learn how to convert text to video for free online using

Step 1 – Log in and open the text converter

If you’re not a user yet, sign up and become one! You won’t regret it, we promise.

Log into your account and click on “My Videos”. Then, hit the “+ Create Video” tab and select “Blog post to video” or “Text to video” from the drop-down.

text to video

Step 2 – Upload your blog post or text

To convert your blog post into a video, paste the link to your blog post in the box. If you want to use premium stock assets, check the box “Ok to use premium stock assets”. Also, set your desired video duration by checking the designated box and selecting your preferred time.

convert a blog post into video

Alternatively, if you want to convert text into video, add your preferred title and paste the text (up to 50,000 characters) into their respective fields.

To use your text exactly the way it is, select “Use my text as is”. However, if you want to reduce the text with AI, select “Reduce my text with AI”. If you wish to use premium stock assets for your video, check the particular box.

Pro tip: Click “Text formatting hints” to learn how to format your text for videos.

Once the text is ready, click “Next”.

generate video from text

Step 3 – Customize the video

Next, choose a format (horizontal, square, vertical, story, or cover) and style for your video and click “Create video”.

choose a format

Now, customize the video until you get the desired results. You can resize the video, change the template, layout and add or remove text. You can also personalize with overlays and stickers.

With, the options to customize your videos are virtually limitless.


Step 4 – Publish your video

Once your video is ready, hit “Publish” on the top right, and select the “Video” option to download MP4, share your video on social or embed it on a website or landing page.


Why Use’s Video-from-Text Generator?

As you plan to turn text into video online and create an impact on your audience through video assets, using is a terrific idea. Here’s why:

Browser-based solution

To help you create the magic of text-to-video conversion without worrying about device compatibility,’s solution is browser-based. No downloads are required, and there’s no need to update software versions. Instead, turn your text into video from anywhere, at any time — using just a browser.

Do more than just editing

Video creation often depends on an ecosystem of tools. However, offers complete solutions that provide much more than text-to-video conversion or video editing. Using the platform, you can create engaging video landing pages, embed videos in emails, add automatic captions, password protect your videos, and do more.

Free to use

Not only is converting text into video free with, it also lets you share the video on social or embed it to your preferred website(s) at no added cost.

Efficient yet straightforward is a goldmine for video marketers, producers, and editors who are strapped for time. Using the tool is quick, efficient, and straightforward. With a shallow learning curve, anyone can create high-quality videos by repurposing their text or blog posts.

5 Benefits of Converting Your Text into Video

Here’s why converting your written content into video is a big win:

1. Videos are immersive

Getting people to consume content is an especially pronounced hurdle for brands. Videos help them cross this hurdle by offering an immersive experience to the viewers. Rather than simply delivering information, videos make the process engaging with close-ups, animations, text, effects, and more. And these elements, in turn, help your audience focus on the content more than bland, generic text.


2. Improved clickthrough rate

As videos make information easily accessible, they bring more clicks than text. Also, by striking a connection with the audience, videos become more shareable – further improving the clickthrough rates, which leads to better organic rankings.


3. Videos bring in higher website traffic

Besides improving the clickthrough rate and leading to better organic rankings, videos can also direct traffic to your website. The concept here is simple: search engines love videos. So, when you create video landing pages or embed them on other pages of your website, you are bound to drive traffic higher than a text-only webpage ever can.


4. Better engagement, more leads

Create exciting videos by repurposing text, and you’ll enjoy an excellent video engagement rate. And the more engagement your video content produces, the better are its odds to generate more leads and increase the conversion rate.


5. Increased brand recall

As videos speak to your audience in a much better way than text, they help you reflect your brand’s identity and personality more creatively. So, if you want to help people retain information about your brand and significantly increase brand recall, tapping into the potential of videos is a must.

Get more from your text

Tap into the robust power of text-to-video conversion with

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