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How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work in 2023?

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Nothing can change faster than the weather in some cities. Well, it does not. Instagram algorithms change like the seasons, and if you use social media in your marketing, knowing about the latest algorithm updates is a huge advantage. Fortunately, we have time to prepare for unexpected snowfall or rain. 

What has this social network prepared for us, and how will feed posts, Instagram Reels, and stories work in 2023? Let’s figure it out.

What Is the Instagram Algorithm?

If you’ve never been interested in the basic algorithm of Instagram, then here’s the philosophy behind it: “We want to make the most of your time, and we believe that using technology to personalize your experience is the best way to do that.” In other words, Instagram uses viewers’ data to deliver content they’ll enjoy. Are you browsing for cute cats? Here are more cats! 

But as a marketer, you have to pay attention to two things: each part of the app uses its unique algorithm, and yes, you can hack it. 

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work in 2023?

Instagram uses different algorithms for each part of its platform. This is because someone who uses Reels commonly has another search intent from someone who uses the Feed. But generally, it tracks whose posts you interact with, what type of content you engage with, and how often you scroll.

Let’s talk more about algorithms, depending on the content type.

How the Instagram Algorithm Works for Feed Posts in 2023

According to Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, the Instagram Feed algorithm sorts user actions and analyzes signals to show the most exciting content:

  • Information about the post. Does it consist of a photo or a video? What is the length of the video? How long has it been up? How many likes does it have?
  • Information about the posting account. The Instagram algorithm compares the attractiveness of an account for other people with the interests of a particular person. Has the user seen this account before? The critical factor here is the interaction with the account and its publications over the past few weeks.
  • User activity. The algorithm compares this post with the previous content the user has ever liked.
  • A user’s interaction history. Is the user active? Does he silently browse the Feed, likes, reposts, and leaves comments? The algorithm also analyzes how likely you are to tap on the profile after seeing the post. 

Therefore, when you create content, ask yourself – will your audience want to like your video, comment on it, or perform a CTA from the text? The more people interact with your content, the more often it appears in your subscribers’ Feed and is recommended to an audience similar to your subscribers.

How the Instagram Reels Algorithm Works in 2023

The basis of the Reels algorithm is that it finds videos you should like and then ranks them depending on the level of interest. However, the most critical factor for the Reels algorithm is whether its AI determines a video as entertaining content.

One of the main advantages is that in 2023 the Instagram Reels algorithm supports users with a small number of subscribers. Content is shown to the audience, who will watch the entire video and go to the audio page to create their own. 

Which is also important for the Instagram Reels algorithm in 2023: 

  • User activity. Which Reels he liked recently, and which ones he sent to friends.
  • The history of user interaction with the publication account. Yes, most Reel offers come from unknown accounts. However, if you have already seen the video of a particular account, then there is a better chance that the algorithm will approve it.
  • The technical side. Whether music has been added to the video, what quality the video has, and whether there are effects. The more Instagram features are used, the better.  
  • Also, the success of your Reels increases if you share it in your Feed and the post description contains search keywords and niche hashtags.

One of the main advantages is that in 2023 the Instagram Reels algorithm supports users with a small number of subscribers. Content is shown to the audience, who will watch the entire video and go to the audio page to create their own.

Instagram stories

with Create a Story

How the Instagram Stories Algorithm Works in 2023

This is probably the easiest part because it is very limited by your subscriptions. The Instagram Stories algorithm prioritizes content from the accounts you interact with most often rather than specific content. 

Due to their short-lived nature, Stories do not have much power but do not forget that you can turn them into Highlights navigation in your profile.

The best option now is to regularly share stories on Instagram that call for engagement — stickers with surveys, questions, reminders, and other types of interaction.

How the Explore Page Algorithm Works in 2023

The Explore Page algorithm is similar to the Reels algorithm and is primarily created to help users find new entertainment content. So it is much more based on recommendations than the news feed and stories. 

Instagram looks at past posts that people have liked, saved, and commented on. It also looks at accounts and publications with which the user has not yet interacted.

From there, the algorithm ranks the content by how likely, in its opinion, the user will interact with it. Saves, likes, and publications are crucial factors here. 

The Explore Page developed and changed the most. New thematic categories and advanced search functions appear, and many creators dream of being in recommendations.

You can search by keywords, hashtags, geolocations, and topics. The algorithm considers the visual content of your messages and the words in your signature.

Therefore, make cool content with bright visuals, good text, relevant keywords, and niche hashtags. This is how you optimize your posts and allow the algorithm to explore the page’s potential.

Create Instagram content

with Wave.videoTry now!

How to Hack Algorithms and Succeed on Instagram?

Unfortunately, there are no cheat codes or magic wands, with a wave of which you will get a million subscribers. However,  Instagram loves those who actively spend time on it and faithfully post content. And the best thing you can do today is to work on attracting as many likes, comments, saves and clicks as possible.

This way, you will quickly discover that a new audience is seeing your content. 

1. Constantly share videos on Instagram, especially Reels.


  • Avoid reusing content with watermarks from TikTok.
  • Shoot content in a vertical format.
  • Use effects and hashtags related to your content and other users’ content.

With editor, you can create Instagram videos in a few minutes. Even if you don’t have footage, we’ve covered you. Our vast stock media library allows you to find high-quality videos, and the free Social Calendar has ideas for daily posting.

Open our Social Calendar and choose any template for a specific day of your content.

Each template is adapted to all existing Instagram formats and also contains a brief description and hashtags for your inspiration.

Click Edit Template and unleash your imagination! You can change the text and add CTA or other music. Anything that fits better into your feed.

2. Create more interactions with Instagram Stories stickers.

The more you engage the audience, the better. Create surveys, and quizzes, ask for reactions to stories and share beautiful places and everything that can be useful to the audience.

3. Try cross-promoting your content on Instagram.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to attract attention that will help boost your algorithm’s ranking, sharing Instagram posts (with joint authorship) is an incredible new way to reach a new audience.

4. Track and monitor how your content works with Instagram Analytics.

You can endlessly guess what your audience will love, or you can look into analytics and draw conclusions from it. Regularly review which content people responded to better! 

Instagram’s algorithm is not unambiguous, but by understanding how it ranks content and why, you have a better chance of reaching a larger audience in 2023.

And if you are looking for some terrific ideas, we got 51 Creative Instagram Post Ideas to Increase Engagement for you!

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