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9 Ingredients of a Catchy Podcast Video Trailer [+ How to Make One]

9 Ingredients of a Catchy Podcast Video Trailer + How to Make One

Whether you’re launching a new podcast, looking for ways to make your existing podcast more successful, or exploring creative options to reel in new listeners, adding a podcast trailer is a great promotional tactic.

Besides giving your show an identity, a video trailer also helps create hype around it and stir up excitement with attention-grabbing visuals.

podcast trailer

This guide tells you all about podcast video trailers with step-by-step instructions on how to make podcast trailers that trigger your audiences’ interests.

What is a Podcast Trailer?

A podcast trailer is a short introduction to your podcast episode to inform your listeners/viewers about what’s coming next on your show. It could be an audio or a video trailer. The key is to make your audience familiar with your podcast before it is actually aired.

Why Do You Need a Podcast Video Trailer?

To amplify their competitive advantage, podcast trailers must take the video route. It’s a sure-shot way to harness the inherent creativity of promos.

Imagine this: your audience loves your content. It wants to come back to your show. But most of your viewers/listeners don’t know what to expect next.

When you share a podcast video trailer, you don’t just tell them what’s next but can also hook them in by grabbing their interest with exciting visuals. Plus, new visitors can get the hang of your show by watching just the trailer. It’s good enough to turn in those sitting on the fence.

Lastly, an engaging video trailer can be cross promoted to other platforms – think social media – to boost your show’s popularity.

So, if you want to grow your podcast audience, building curiosity about your future content with teasers and promos is highly advisable.

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Types of Podcast Trailers

We’ve all seen trailers. Some remain etched in our memory forever, some have a fleeting presence in our brain, and some we couldn’t care less about. However, creating stunning trailers isn’t art or magic. It’s about putting the objective into the mix.

Based on the goal you want to achieve, podcast video trailers can broadly be classified into the following categories:

  • The Coming Soon Trailer: It could be the mothership for podcasters, but this trailer type is a godsend when you have to introduce your new show to the world. Then, of course, you can tweak it a bit and use it to launch a new season too. The idea is to tell them that something fresh and exciting is coming soon.
  • The Promotional Teaser: Alright, this one is to promote an existing show. You can create it to give your audience a bird’s eye view of your show’s content, guests, theme, etc. Share this trailer on social media, online communities, groups, and your website. Remember, there are not enough places in the world to show what your podcast has got. Never.
  • The In-Podcast Trailer: Want to share insights about something relevant to the episode you’re airing? Try this podcast trailer type and keep your audience glued to the screen even when the mic is off.
  • The In-The-Next Episode Trailer: This one is pretty similar to a television or web series episode trailer. It tells the viewers what’s coming next and is usually played at the end of an episode. You can use this type to lure the listeners/viewers into watching the next episode of your show.

9 Ingredients of a Catchy Podcast Video Trailer 

1. Purpose

Begin by deciding about the purpose you intend to achieve. What is it that you want the listeners/viewers to do? Do you want them to learn about a new skill? Or do you want to promote a new product or interview a guest to reveal some best practices in your niche?

When you discover the primary goal of your podcast trailer, creating an outline becomes easier.

 2. Essential Details

Next, list down all the details that are critical to the success of your podcast trailer. For example, the show/episode’s name and topic, host/guest details, release date, etc., must be listed in advance. Other information that needs to go on into the trailer is the website/platform where the audience can listen to or watch your podcast.

To make the video catchy and on-brand, don’t forget to include your brand elements like logo, colors, signature audio effects, etc.

3. Tone

Like any other video out there, a podcast video trailer has to have a specific tone. First, determine the overall style of your video and then include elements that add to it.

For example, will the trailer be fun and comedic, or will it be informational?

Once you have figured out the tone, you’ll be able to work out the correct visual elements, graphics, audio, the speed of the trailer, etc.

4. Brevity

Trailers help creators take their podcasts in front of their audiences. Unfortunately, brevity often takes the backseat in the hope of attracting listeners/viewers. This, dear friend, is a huge mistake.

So, embrace brevity as you make a podcast trailer. Treat it as an elevator pitch that shouldn’t typically last more than a minute. The more you fill it with elements, the higher the chances of losing your audience’s interest. So, be concise while capturing the essence of your podcast episode.

5. Audio & Video

In your podcast trailers, let your strongest assets shine. Include relevant graphics, videos, audio effects, music, etc., that make a compelling trailer. But make sure all these elements blend seamlessly into the video without overwhelming the audience. Consider using a professional podcast trailer maker for the much-needed leg-up.

6. Tagline

Include a tagline that captures the heart of your trailer. It should be exciting and unique yet simple enough to describe your podcast episode and tell the viewers what it is all about. A tagline or catchphrase can also improve your brand recognition and awareness.

7. Promotion

One of the worst things you can do is not promote a well-made podcast video trailer. Instead, build hype on social media, embed the trailer to your website, share links with your friends, family, and followers, cross-promote it on other shows/channels, etc. The idea is to expand your video’s reach to ensure more and more people tune into the podcast episode when it’s aired.

8. Call-to-action (CTA)

What’s the best way to end a podcast video trailer? Conclude it with a call-to-action for your viewers/listeners. A CTA will help your audience know what to do after the trailer gets over. Maybe redirect them to your podcast channel, website, or social media page? Alternatively, ask them to leave suggestions for future podcast episodes. Whatever the CTA is, make sure it’s easy and fun enough to drive actions.

9. Script

One thing we all know is that you don’t create any video masterpiece without a script. So, remember to write a script for your trailer if you’re not a fan of winging it.

How to Make Podcast Trailer

Creating podcast video trailers is a terrific strategy to grow your podcast audience. But how to make a podcast trailer while reducing the chaos of bouncing between tools? Push the pace using’s online video maker. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your account

Go straight to your account and click the “Create” tab. Now, select “Blank video” to start from scratch or click “Templates” to browse ready-to-edit templates for your podcast video trailer.

You can also go to our free online screen and video recorder to record your podcast trailer from your webcam, capture your screen online, or do both simultaneously.

Create a podcast trailer  Step 2: Select a template

From the categories, choose “Use Cases” and select “Podcast Promotion” from the options.

Use cases

Now, pick a template that suits your requirements and toggle between layouts like Horizontal, Square, and Story. Once ready to edit, hit the “Edit Template” tab.

Edit trailer

Step 3: Edit the template

Next, add or remove footage, graphics, music, sound effects, etc., to customize your selected template and create a powerful podcast video trailer. You can also add voiceover to introduce your show and guests.

Play with the text, captions, colors, etc., to give your podcast trailer a strong brand identity and increase its production value.

Step 4: Download your video podcast trailer

Finally, click the “Publish” button on the top-right and select “Video” to download your video podcast trailer. You can also send it to’s Live Streaming Studio to include it into your video podcast easily.

Download the podcast trailer

And, you don’t have to scroll too far to promote your newly created podcast trailer on social media accounts. Once your video is rendered, you can publish it to different platforms from the screen itself or download to your computer.

sharing podcast video trailer

Excellent Podcast Video Trailer Examples

Brown Love

This Netflix podcast series trailer does the trick. It’s concise, gives a sneak peek into the episodes and shares all the information you need to know about when and where to tune into to watch the podcast series.

Brown Love Podcast Trailer | Con Todo | Netflix

Brown Love is an all-new podcast series where we get real about all the things Latinx communities are talking about on your timeline. We’ll be talking to Latinos in Hollywood who are making space for our communities to see ourselves, in all our colors and flavors. A new episode debuts every Monday on all podcast platforms starting February 25!

The Michelle Obama Podcast

There’s no shortage of engaging podcast trailers, but this one is a powerhouse for inspiration. It’s brief, on-point, tells you all about the podcast’s purpose and is easy on the eyes with its minimal color palette.

The Michelle Obama Podcast: Teaser | Listen Free on Spotify July 29

To change the conversation, you have to start a new one. Higher Ground brings us the Michelle Obama Podcast, available July 29 only on Spotify.

For All Mankind: The Official Podcast

This Apple TV+ podcast previews the podcast show, which brings real-life astronauts and the cast and creators of For All Mankind together to discuss some fantastic revelations about outer space. From the video footage to the sound effects and music, every component of this podcast trailer seems to be crafted with detailed attention – making it the perfect tool to build a community around the series.

For All Mankind — Official Podcast Trailer | Apple TV+

Meet real-life astronauts and hear from cast and creators in the For All Mankind: The Official Podcast, coming February 19 to Apple Podcasts.

Two Equals One

If storytelling is your jam, this podcast video trailer about a show revolving around family, marriage, and ministry can inspire you. Moreover, the cinematic shots make it worth a watch.

Two Equals One Podcast Trailer

A cinematic journey with Pastors Jimmy & Irene Rollins, as they tell their story of how the balancing act of family, marriage, and ministry came to a screeching halt when their public ministry life and private family life became too much for two broken individuals to manage.

Truth Be Told

Stunning animations, excellent content, and an audiogram make the Truth Be Told podcast trailer a perfect example for those just diving into the world of podcast trailers. Check it out to see how a scroll-stopping teaser is brought to life.

Podcast Series Trailer | Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told, from KQED, is an advice show made by and for people of color. It’s like the friend you call after a long, exhausting day – the one who will laugh, cry, bitch and moan with you. The one who gets it.

Grow Your Podcast Audience With Video Trailers

As podcasts become more integral to creators, influencers, and brands, the role of catchy video trailers has become crucial too. Give your audience a glimpse of your podcast world with the many tools that offers. Record your podcast effortlessly with our online video recorder and take your show in front of the right people without burning out.

Time to get started with video podcasts? Here’s our quick guide on How to Grow Your Podcast Audience with Videos [+Free Templates]. Use the tips mentioned in the guide to learn some excellent video marketing techniques for podcast promotion.

Happy podcasting!

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