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How to Record a Podcast 11 Best Podcast Software
How to Record a Podcast: 11 Best Podcast Software

Have you ever listened to a compelling podcast and wondered if recording it might be a seemingly endless task? Well, the good news is, it isnt....

What Are Video Podcasts and How to Start One
What Are Video Podcasts and How to Start One

Video podcasts are getting their fair share of buzz right now. As marketing assets that bind the audience, video podcasts drive engagement and...

Audiogram videos
Audiogram Videos: How to Turn Your Podcast Episodes Into Engaging Videos

Businesses shouldnt shy away from audio marketing anymore. With podcasts booming for brands of all kinds, marketing them is as important as...

How to Grow Your Podcast Audience with Videos
How to Grow Your Podcast Audience with Videos [+Free Templates]

Podcast Insights have recently updated their stats on the total amount of podcasts and stated that there are currently over 1,750,000 podcasts and...

How to Promote a Podcast with Video
How to Promote a Podcast with Video: 3 Smart Ways

How do you promote a podcast? Well, theres the obvious stuff, of course - submitting the show to every aggregator and directory out there,...

Podcast marketing
Podcast Marketing: 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Grow Your Audience

Podcasts are an extraordinary way to build a connection with your audience. When they tune in, youre literally in their ears. And because they...

How to promote your podcast on Instagram using video
How to Promote Your Podcast on Instagram with Video

Are you a podcaster? Do you use Instagram to promote your podcasts? If your answer is negative, my advice is for you to start right away. If...

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