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What’s New in Animated Effects for Every Text Block

Separate text effect in

Adding text is one of the things that turn your video from just a collection of slides into a powerful marketing instrument. That’s why here at, we put a lot of effort into developing the text on video feature and making sure it’s convenient and easy to use.

Meet the newest update – separate effects for every text block.

How things used to be

In, you can add several text blocks (or lines of text) to each slide. You can then choose from 23 different animated text effects or leave the plain text (that is, without any animation).

In the past, if you added more than one line of text to the slide and wanted to apply a text effect to all of them, you could only do it in bulk. That is, two lines of text, one text effect (even in the ungrouped state).

Grouped text effect

How animated effects for separate text blocks work now

Now, you can apply a different animated effect to each line of text that you have on your video. This is a deal-breaker when it comes to making your video more unique and eye-catching.

Here’s how to use different effects for separate lines of text

In order to apply this new feature, here’s what you need to do. First, add several lines of text to your video slide.

Add two lines of text

After that, ungroup the text lines. This way, they can be edited separately from each other.

You can then add several lines of text, and each one of them can have its own animated text effect.

If you want to group the lines back together, simply click the button “Grouped” in the text inspector. If you applied different animated effects to different lines of text, the grouped text blocks will inherit the effect that was applied to the first line.

How is this new feature helpful?

The ability to apply different effects to separate lines of text in your video opens a variety of marketing opportunities.

It gives you more creative freedom for when making your videos. Now, you don’t need to use just one animated effect for text. Instead, experiment to see what works best for this or that video.

How are you going to use the new feature? Share in the comments!

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