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meme fonts
Meme Fonts: Which Are Used in Different Popular Memes?

When creating a design or artwork, one of the most important decisions you will make is selecting the font. Meme fonts play an essential role in...

15 ways to use Instagram Stories Highlights
Instagram Stories Highlights: 15 Smart Ways to Use Them for Your Brand

Instagram Stories format was introduced back in 2016. Taking inspiration from Snapchats vanishing feature, Instagram Stories has become a big part...

6 easy tips to make a great how-to video
6 Easy Tips for Making a Great How-to Video [+Free Templates]

We live in a fascinating age when almost any knowledge is available at a click of a mouse.  A device connected to the Internet allows you to get... vs. Promo vs. Animoto - Video Makers comparison vs. Promo vs. Animoto: Top Online Video Makers Comparison

Every day this modern and competitive world offers people an enormous choice of almost everything forcing them to constantly make dozens of...

Interactive Content for Lead Segmentation
Using Interactive Content to Segment Your Leads

Are you familiar with the phrase, shooting blanks in the dark? If yes, then you might better understand what your marketing looks like without...

How to Create a Killer Explainer Video Script [+Free Template]

To make a great film you need three things - the script, the script and the script. Alfred Hitchcock Probably, we shouldnt argue with the...

Video Marketing Statistics 2019 + Infographics
2019 Video Marketing Statistics [+Infographic]

For years, marketers have been saying that video marketing is the wave of the future, and they were right. The future is now, and video marketing has...

Back to school - 5 social media marketing ideas
Back to School: 5 Great Ideas for Social Media Marketing [+ Video Templates]

This time of the year The back-to-school season is just around the corner. Again. Yay! These days are full of excitement and fuss as schools,...

5-step playbook for a killer video marketing strategy
5-Step Playbook for a Killer Video Marketing Strategy

Starting with video can be scary. Most marketers and content creators believe that they shouldn't stray too far from a medium they are most...

What Rules in Email Marketing: Images or Videos?
Best Video Thumbnails for Email Marketing: Static, GIF, or…?

Videos continue to conquer all parts of marketing, but email marketing is not the one to retreat.  More about thisEmbed Video in Email: Why, How,...

5 types of social media content
5 Types of Social Media Content You Must Try in 2019

Social media platforms are here to stay, (yeah!). The number of users is booming and doesnt seem to show any signs of waning. And frankly, why...

How to Optimize Your Video Marketing Results
11 Hacks to Optimize Your Video Marketing Results

In this post, I will share practical tips on how you can improve your results from video marketing. Video drives more engagement than text or...

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